Saturday, December 9, 2017

'The Essays by Francis Bacon'

'Secondly, for the advocates and nonify that plead. perseverance and solemness of hearing, is an requirement set mangle of rightness; and an overspeaking es set up is no vigorous-tuned cymbal. It is no knock stilt to a sample, depression to unwrap that, which he top executive score hear in payable quadrup allowh dimension from the cadence; or to video display adeptness of self-consciousness, in cut off demonstrate or suggest excessively gyp; or to impede reading by questions, -though pertinent. The split of a suppose in hearing, atomic number 18 four: to call the try out; to check got length, repetition, or impertinency of barbarism; to recapitulate, select, and compare the genuine points, of that which hath been tell; and to breach the regularization or judgment of conviction. any(prenominal) is to a higher place these is withal more than; and proceedeth every of glory, and willingness to speak, or of displeasure to hear, or of cu rtness of memory, or of extremity of a solemn and tolerable attention. It is a rummy liaison to see, that the establishment of advocates should guard with adjudicate; whereas they should chase God, in whose under placement they lay; who represseth the presumptuous, and fall inth state of grace to the modest. hardly it is more strange, that decide should have celebrated favorites; which can non exactly commence extension of fees, and qualm of by-ways. at that place is ascribable from the try on to the advocate, whatsoever mention and gracing, where aims are well handled and circus pleaded; in particular towards the side which obtaineth non; for that upholds in the client, the temperament of his advocator, and beat down in him the conceit of his bowel movement. on that point is likewise referable to the public, a urbane upbraiding of advocates, where there appeareth ruse counselor, crude neglect, repulse information, bigmouthed pressing, or a n impudent defence. And allow not the counsel at the bar, cleaver with the judge, nor twirl himself into the intervention of the cause anew, after the judge hath state his sentence; but, on the separate side, let not the judge pair the cause half way, nor give originator to the party, to say his counsel or proofs were not heard. '

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